Flesh Out Novel Ideas Like a Pro

Learn from the Co-Owner of a Publishing House with Over 461 Fiction Titles Under its Belt How to Flesh Out Novel Ideas Like a Pro

Discover in 50 minutes flat the FYC Method:

How to take that story idea you’ve been toying with forever 
and turn it into a full-blown novel plan that will take you all the way across the finish line.

You’re one step away from getting cracking on that novel you’ve always wanted to write!
This step is crucial if you want readers, agents, and publications to take you seriously. 

Here’s how a solid road-map for your next novel can build up your writing chops in no time.
You would:

  • Write more, faster, and better
  • Know where your story is headed & stop the guesswork
  • Navigate the dreadful Second Act with confidence
  • Craft a climax and ending that will keep your readers on the edge of their seats

The "Who":

My name is Tal Valante, and I've been the co-owner of Riptide Publishing for nearly a decade. I'm a professional developmental editor, a published author, and for the last 5 years, a prolific ghostwriter. I'm also the founder of Re:Fiction, a fast-growing online magazine for writers of fiction, and a regular contributor there. I'd love to see you at the webinar!

The "What":

  • How to easily generate new story ideas (and never get stuck on the Blank Page again)
  • How to beef up an idea into a clear full-fledged novel plan
  • Q&A session with a publishing house co-owner, professional editor, and ghostwriter

The "When":

Join us on April 11th, 2 PM Eastern Time. You can tweak the registration form to adjust for your local time.

P.S. The webinar will include a Q&A session where you can post your questions. Already know what you want to ask? Fill out the post-registration survey and let us know, too! That way we can prepare the best answers for you.