Webinar: Blast Through the Blank Page Syndrome

Learn from a Publishing Professional
How to Blast Through the Blank Page Syndrome

TL;DR: You. Us. Webinar. No more blank pages.

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It’s crunch time, it’s the moment, it’s just you and the empty page.

Creativity is boiling in your veins, your fingers are hovering over the keyboard…

And nothing comes out. It’s like there’s a barrier between the warm, harmonic vision in your mind and the cold, precise words you need to use.

You’re stuck.

The Blank Page Syndrome is the sworn enemy of many people who want to write a novel but are not quite sure how. 

Now it’s time to blast through it with the FYC method.

With the FYC method, you take a basic idea and develop it into a full-blown novel plan that will take you all the way across the finish line.

When you have a solid road-map for your novel:

  • You’ll write more, faster, and better
  • You’ll know where your story is headed and stop the guesswork
  • You’ll save yourself a ton of rewrites and editing
If you skip your road-map or get it wrong:
  • You’ll increase the chances of getting stuck along the way
  • You’ll have to rework huge chunks of your novel because they don’t make sense
  • Readers, agents, and publications may not take you seriously

That’s why Re:Fiction Academy is hosting a webinar on generating novel ideas and developing them into a coherent road-map. If you’ve ever sat in front of a blank page, this webinar is for you.

The "Who":

My name is Tal Valante, and I've been the co-owner of Riptide Publishing for nearly a decade. I'm a professional developmental editor, a published author, and for the last 5 years, a prolific ghostwriter. I'm also the founder of Re:Fiction, a fast-growing online magazine for writers of fiction, and a regular contributor there. I'd love to see you at the webinar!

The "What":

A 50-minute webinar that covers:

  • How to easily generate new story ideas (and never get stuck on the Blank Page again)
  • How to beef up an idea into a clear, full-fledged novel plan
  • Plus, a Q&A session with a publishing house co-owner, professional editor, and ghostwriter

The "When":

Join us on April 11th, at 2 PM Eastern Time. You can tweak the registration form to adjust for your local time.

P.S. The webinar will include a Q&A session where you can post your questions. Already know what you want to ask? Fill out the post-registration survey and let us know, too! That way we can prepare the best answers for you.